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We are here for you and the financial needs of your business. Helping your business to get off the ground and be able to build and grow is what we like to see in our customers. We are a lender that loans money directly, and we also put you in contact with other lenders who can offer you better rates than most of the major lenders.

We are alternative, meaning that we do not do things the same way as the larger lenders operate. They are not our model. Part of our uniqueness is marked by the fact that we offer loans to people that the big lenders will not touch.

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Our Best Services

Small Business Loans

Keeping your business running can be difficult, especially when it is small or new. We offer small business loans to all types of businesses. With our 24 hour approval process we can get you funded right away.

Bed Credit Loans

With our company, small businesses have the option to obtain loans on a secured or unsecured basis. This can enable you to get the money you need faster and with fewer problems even if you have bad credit.

Merchant Cash Advance Loans

A Merchant cash advance loan enables your business to be able to get cash up front which is deducted out of the daily credit card transactions that your company processes. Because the money is deducted automatically, you never have to worry about late payments.

Working Capital Loans

If you are having cash flow problems and are having difficulty paying your bills on time due to delays in payments from your customers, a working capital loan can help. It can enable you to cover your bills and pay your employees while you wait for the money to come in.

Business We Fund

Dental Office Financing

Dentist business financing.


Women Owned Financing

Business financing for women.


Medical Office Financing

Physician business advances.


Beauty Salon Financing

Women hair business financing.


Nail Salon Financing

Esthetician business financing.


Hotel Motel Financing

Lodging business advances.


Construction Financing

Building company financing.


Veteran Owned Financing

Business financing for veterans.


Commercial Truck Financing

Semi-trailer business advances.


Laundromat Financing

Dry cleaning business financing.


Oil and Gas Financing

Oil and gas business financing.

Unsecured Business Funding

$5,000 to $500,000

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With the widest range of funding programs in America, we can customize the right one for you. Beyond the simplicity and speed of our process, we are here to establish a long-term, valuable, professional relationship.
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